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We provide free individual advocacy support services to people with disability across two-thirds of NSW.

Find out if our services are available in your area by checking the map below or entering your postcode. View contact details here.
Port Macquarie
Coffs Harbour
Broken Hill
Valley Heights (Nepean Blue Mountains)

Our individual support services can help you sort out a range of issues if you are being treated unfairly. We can help you get fair treatment with:

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Government services and programs like Centrelink and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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Disability services

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Other services and businesses

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Schools, universities and TAFEs

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Transport and access

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Legal, healthcare and money issues

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Our self-help tools can support you with information and advice to resolve common issues and stand up for your rights.

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We help create society-wide change to make systems and communities more fair, respectful and inclusive for people with disability.

Our systemic advocacy work is led by the experiences of people with disability. We regularly conduct outreach and research where we meet and listen to the experiences of people with disability, and
people who work in the sector to ensure that we understand the issues at hand. We also monitor trends in our advocacy work to identify issues within systems that support people with disability.

Information gathered through these processes are used to promote positive long-term change. We represent the concerns of people with disability – with a commitment to regional, rural, and remote
issues – to make sure legislation, guidelines and practices support the rights and interests of people with disability.

Our systemic advocacy advisory board (SAAB) also steers and guides our systemic advocacy work. They are a committee comprising 10 members of people with disability and carers who live in various metropolitan, regional and rural areas. They draw on their lived experience to provide input and direct systemic advocacy to make sure that it is on track with representing the key concerns of people with disability.

Some of our current initiatives to help bring about this change include:

  • Responding to parliamentary inquiries and commissions.
  • Lobbying policy makers and decision-makers.
  • Campaigning and raising public awareness of disability.
  • Sharing information, research, and education.

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